Achieve Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Targets


Finance and Loans Company


  • To analyse sales and performance metrics.
  • To streamline processes and business functions.


  • Implementation of the EOS system to establish company scorecard and individual KPIs and measurables of team members.
  • Facilitation of interactive sessions focused on identifying sales and performance patterns and trends to create real-time dashboards.
  • A 20/80 approach and review of core processes and functions.


  • Consistent use of company and individual scorecards ensures an absolute pulse on the business is maintained and that leaders are alerted on what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Utilisation of dashboards and scorecards provides weekly stats on business activities, and analysis of patterns and trends allows for predictions and forecasts to be made on business targets.
  • High-level identification of redundant procedural steps and complex workflows eliminates the need for detailed how-to guides and manuals and increases organisational efficiency.

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