Business Intelligence Consulting Delivers a Future-Proofed Approach to Winning in a Customer-Centred World


Multi-Divisional Business (including: Asset Management, Financial Services, Legal Practice, Accounting Practice and Education)


  • To unify business functions across seven independent divisions.
  • To unlock and connect the operational data and client information among these diverse business divisions.


  • Examination of existing operations of each business division to identify problems and integration gaps.
  • Redesign and optimisation of the entire organisation with a focus on data, encompassing everything from key metrics to customer-oriented solutions.
  • Alignment of metrics as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through a tailored methodology, enabling closed-loop business operations.


  • Resolving integration gaps by focusing on disconnected operations and divisional connectivity results in the unification of business functions.
  • Organisational redesign and optimisation deliver strategic and operational improvements to achieve metrics and KPIs.
  • Unification reduces disparate systems and enables inter-divisional team members to work collaboratively.

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