Why Your Company Needs Innovation

Posted on: September 27, 2020

Businesses that embrace innovation proactively identify and act upon the opportunities for business growth. Innovation not only increases efficiency and effectiveness, but also prepares organisations to face even the harshest market conditions.

What Is Innovation?

Innovation is the creative process of introducing something new in the aim of solving problems, producing desirable results and generating value. In the context of business, innovation can include:

  • changes or improvements to products, services and offerings (radical and / or incremental)
  • technological and conceptual breakthroughs that transform industries or create new markets
  • new business models that disrupt existing markets
  • improvements in processes and systems that increase efficiency
  • new service delivery and operational methods

Here are four reasons why innovation is critical to businesses today:

1. Innovation Helps Meet Customer Needs

Given the dynamic changes in the market that every business is facing today, customers’ needs and expectations are changing as well. For a business to consistently meet its customers’ expectations, changes through innovation are required.

Through innovation, a business becomes better equipped to perceive the current pain points of its customers and predict their future wants and needs as well. Innovation allows the business to strategise and seek novel ways to develop solutions relating to products and services, customer experience and engagement as well as its value proposition.

2. Innovation Creates a Competitive Advantage

Successful innovative strategies will help a business differentiate itself from other players in its industry, gain an edge over its competitors and pursue a leading position in the market.

Innovation drives favourable brand perception. It enables businesses to provide something unique to consumers. This is extremely helpful in an oversaturated market or industry as it allows your business to stand out from the crowd and deliver distinctive value which could otherwise be lacking.

Using the right innovations can also improve a business’ systems, processes and operations, enabling it to better respond to different changes in the market, discover opportunities for growth and make improvements to its products and offerings.

3. Innovation Attracts Top Talent

A culture of creativity and innovation is central to attracting and retaining a talented team. Innovative companies that promote creativity attract innovators who are seeking workplaces that:

  • are challenging and inspiring;
  • encourage participation in the creative process; and
  • cultivate new and big ideas.

By becoming an innovative business, you increase your capacity for growth and problem-solving because you invite inventive-thinking and collaboration with innovative minds.

4. Innovation Drives Business Growth

Innovation helps businesses achieve growth. Despite its size, a business that embraces innovation is able to leverage its capabilities and benefit from the following outcomes:

  • improved efficiency & productivity
  • reduced costs
  • increased revenue
  • maximised ROI
  • increased market share
  • enhanced problem-solving capabilities
  • new partnerships
  • increased customer engagement
  • greater competitive advantage
  • greater talent acquisition & retention
  • greater business agility
  • heightened brand value

Altogether, these effects contribute to a business’ value, capacity for sustainable expansion and overall success. Accordingly, innovation is central to business growth and scalability.

While innovation is a risky thing, a lack of innovation could be the biggest risk of all. When a business is not innovative and adheres to the status quo, it can stifle growth. This is because it fails to recognise that old ways will not open new doors. Thus, the business loses out on the rewards that innovation can bring.

As an organisation aims to grow faster and discover profitable business opportunities, innovation is a pivotal step to take. Although businesses can expect to encounter difficulties and failures along the way, this should not prevent them from experimenting and innovating to pave the way for scale and success.

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