CRM Implementation and Customisation for a Multi-business Company


Multi-business Company


  • To manage customer relationships and operations efficiently.
  • To develop a smart solution for case management.


  • Research and identification of appropriate CRM solution according to business type and functions.
  • Customisation and implementation of selected CRM system (Hubspot) including establishment of deal pipelines, design of workflow management, quoting and invoicing, online booking of meetings, and service and support ticket creation and logging, as well as additional customisation of CRM contact record field.
  • Creation of comprehensive client profiles incorporating email and call logging, online engagement with company website and customer queries.


  • Centralisation of data into a single platform, provides functionality and the tools to maximise interaction and engagement with clients and to provide an overview of the entire customer journey.
  • Access to rich information in real time empowers staff to offer a consistent and personalised service.
  • Online functionality and tools provide a platform for clients to self-service and benefit from short query response times.

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