Digitisation of Sales Functions Creates Simplified Workflows and Facilitates Compliance Procedures


Accounting and Wealth Management Company


  • To digitise sales functions to meet compliance requirements.
  • To automate sales processes and simplify workflows.


  • Design and facilitation of a transition to an e-signature platform to replace physical sales forms and documentation.
  • Identification of alternate payment gateways with a move to online payments integrated with the e-signature platform.
  • Refinement of multiple systems into an integrated multi-functional system.


  • Use of electronic signature platform simplifies compliance procedures and minimises time expended on menial administrative and organisational tasks.
  • Introduction of alternate online payment gateways reduces time lag and allows for the prompt receipt of customer payments and clearing of bank funds.
  • Unified multi-functional system removes complexity, reduces duplication of tasks, and creates efficiency of workflows.

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