Effective Leadership and its Distinction from Management

Posted on: July 5, 2020

Everyone has the ability to lead. This is because leadership is innate. But, in order to cultivate your leadership abilities, you need to acquire certain skills and habits.

Why Leadership Matters

When you’re a leader, you have the power to influence your team and others. You inspire and motivate them to act according to a shared vision, and you encourage and help them overcome obstacles that keep them away from both shared and personal goals.

Organisations that invest in leadership are able to make better decisions, achieve goals in less time with lower costs, increase staff loyalty, and achieve better overall results.

There’s a Difference Between Leadership and Management

Leadership is when a leader helps others achieve goals and relies on trustworthiness, flexibility, creativity, commitment, positivity, emotional intelligence and delegation to succeed.

Management is where methods, rules, and processes are used to achieve successful results. A manager’s skill set includes strategic thinking, mentoring, problem-solving, forward planning, and motivation, among others.

Before you can be an effective leader, you have to think like a great one. How you view things dramatically affects the action you take.

Tom Brady – six-time Super Bowl champ
Picture: KATHRYN RILEY/GETTY Source: newsweek.com

Leadership and management are different but they work hand-in-hand to drive success.
Leaders and managers have unique skills but there’s one thing they have in common — the need for influential, flexible and effective skills in order to achieve their desired results.

The art of leadership and management is to know when to act as a leader and when to act as a manager. Leaders and managers need to develop their expertise so that they have the capacity to be influential, and they should have the proper skills and tools to influence people efficiently and effectively.

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