Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Posted on: November 25, 2020

Attracting visitors is the key to getting massive traffic flow on your website. Website traffic is significant because it enriches the connection between your business and your customers. Understanding how to do it effectively is integral to your business’ success. 

Your website is like a 24/7 online store. That’s why it has to be appealing, significant and accessible to your audience. Remember that quality traffic usually converts into leads. That’s why you need to consider quality traffic over traffic quantity and set clear and specific goals when developing the right tactics to use in attracting your target audience to your website.

Above all, you must identify the sufficient application and platform that you can use to get your target audience to notice your brand.
But, how can you facilitate all of it?

Here are 10 effective ways to increase your website traffic.

1. Content Marketing

Behind every exceptional brand is indispensable, relevant and valuable content. Content is the heart of your digital presence, so it is essential that your content dominates and engages the audience on your website.

To create an effective content marketing strategy, you need to understand the pain points of your target audience. You must study their buying behaviours and understand what drives them to make decisions.
Next, you must conduct keyword research to determine which keywords rank well in search engines and are topics of interest.
Then, you must draft keyword-rich content based on your research which is geared towards helping people solve their problems. On top of this, you can also promote your content on social media and in email newsletters to generate more traffic. The more traffic you get, the higher your website will be ranked on search engines.

Some examples of the content you can create are:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics & other visual content
  • eBooks
  • Slide decks & presentations
  • Quizzes & tools
  • Courses
  • Social media posts

2. Blog Writing

Blogging is one of the most effective content marketing strategies that you can make use of as a business. Blogs can be used to provide your audience with relevant quality information, helping your website gain more authority and traffic.

Here are some of the benefits that a blog can bring to your business:

  • Drive traffic
  • Establish authority
  • Improve SEO
  • Provide valuable analytics
  • Enhance brand awareness

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO fuels the ranking and visibility of your website. It is an effective way to strategically position your brand in a competitive market. Optimising your site can be done organically (on-page optimisation) or through off-page optimisation. Both are the same in terms of ranking your site in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) but they differ in their processes.

Keyword research is the most fundamental step in optimising your site. By knowing and understanding what your customers’ needs are, you’ll be able to craft and provide effective and efficient solutions to them. 

4. Video Marketing

According to a study conducted by Cisco, video marketing will generate 82% of website traffic by the year 2022. This implies that videos nowadays are gaining more significance when it comes to educating customers and prospects. Another powerful feature of video marketing is that it increases engagement, reaches a wider audience and demonstrates the value that your business can provide.

Here are 12 types of marketing videos you can use:

  1. Demo Videos
  2. Brand Videos
  3. Event Videos
  4. Expert Interviews
  5. Educational or How-To Videos
  6. Explainer Videos
  7. Animated Videos
  8. Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos
  9. Live Videos 
  10. 360° & Virtual Reality Videos
  11. Augmented Reality (AR) Videos
  12. Personalised Messages

5. Email Marketing

It has been reported that 75% of Gmail users access their emails on their phone. This signifies that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of engaging and increasing your website traffic, even in this mobile-dominated era.

Email marketing involves sharing insightful news and showcasing what your business has to offer. Sending email newsletters and updates to your readers will help keep them engaged with your brand and thereby increase traffic to your site. This strategy sets up your business for success and will effectively capture your readers’ attention and trust.

But, above all, it is important to ask permission from your audience to ensure that they would actually like to receive newsletters and information from you.

6. Backlinking

Another effective way to gain trust from your audience is through backlinking. Backlinks, also known as inbound links and incoming links, are links from a webpage on one site to another. Including backlinks on your website serves to offer more valuable content to readers and establishes your business’ authority and reputation.

Search engines such as Google use algorithms to rank websites, and websites that have a strong number of backlinks rank higher than those that do not. For backlinking to be effective, you should be looking for legitimate, high authority websites to link to your site as this will enhance your legitimacy and credibility as a trustworthy source.

7. Organic Social Media

Social media has so much to offer. With all the different free features available across social media platforms, you can easily use these to increase your site traffic in a cost-effective way. 

There are numerous social media platforms, so it’s important to have a diverse social media strategy and identify and use the right platform for your business. On the other hand, you must know your audience and post content that engages them. Always post content that will make your followers come back for more.

8. Paid Advertising

Another powerful strategy that will drive website traffic is paid advertising. You can pay to boost your website to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) every time someone searches for specific keywords that pertain to your website. This is one of the most convenient ways to increase your website traffic because, most of the time, searchers click on the first few websites that appear on the results page.

Here are a few examples of popular paid advertising platforms:

9. Influencer Marketing

Another effective way to increase website traffic is by partnering with influencers to talk about your brand and your products. An influencer is someone who has authority in a particular niche community and has a large online following. An influencer can call great attention to your business by offering product reviews, endorsements, appearances, collaborations, or shout-outs. All of these work to attract interest in your business, its products and services, and increase traffic to your website.

The good news is that you don’t need to pay big money for a celebrity influencer. Your influencer can be a respected leader who is credible and has expertise in your industry. 

10. Measure Your Website Traffic

To improve your website traffic, you must measure the existing visibility and rank of your website. When measuring the performance of your website, it is important to evaluate how prominent your website is. From there, look for highly effective strategies that will improve your business’ online presence.

To improve your website traffic, you can use Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics to measure your website’s rank and visibility.

High-quality traffic will generate a good Return on Investment (ROI) for your business. Thus, it is important to consider quality over quantity when it comes to driving website traffic. To improve and increase your website visibility, it is vital to choose which of the diverse strategies you will use. Some strategies might work well in some businesses but not so well in others, so it is important to choose the strategy that best suits your business’ mission, values and direction.

And, if you’re starting from scratch, you can ask for a helping hand from the experts. We’re here to help you achieve new levels of success. Speak to one of our experts about increasing your website traffic today!

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