Qualities of a Successful Business

Posted on: August 5, 2020

In order for a business to prosper in a fast-changing and volatile economy, it must be innovative. This means finding new revenue opportunities, implementing growth strategies, optimising existing channels and generating positive cash flows.

Yet, innovation cannot stand alone. For a business to be able to make a difference in the market, it should have certain qualities.

Here are six Qualities of a Successful Business:

Adaptability is one of the most powerful elements that allows businesses to be successful. Adaptability is a required business trait for overcoming challenges. It encompasses 2 competitive characteristics — flexibility and versatility.

To be flexible means being willing to adapt and change.
To be versatile means being able to accomplish a number of actions with competence.

The ability to adapt to ever-evolving business needs is vital to an organisation. Hence, aside from innovative strategies, a business requires a highly-skilled team which is committed and motivated enough to aim high in attaining its goals.

Additionally, building a brand that customers can trust demonstrates authenticity. This authenticity is an attractive element in your business because it works positively towards growth. It creates your identity and guarantees your clients that your products and services are of high and excellent quality.

Along with this, authenticity elevates your business among the competition because it makes your offering genuine and unique, separating it from other existing brands. It marks you as a reliable company and enables your customers to relate to your brand, engage, and ultimately, become advocates of your business.

Qualities of a successful business Infographic

Consistency is another factor contributing to the success of an effective organisation. When your business has a consistent service or product offering, you are more likely to secure repeat customers. Your unique style of delivering great customer experiences becomes recognisable to customers.

Contrarian businesses go against the grain. They do not follow the crowd or seek quick profits. Rather, they look for ways to make money where barriers to entry are lower and where less noise is present.

Having a contrarian mindset isn’t about using intellect alone to decide. It involves a combination of intellectual, instinctive and affective intelligences which gear up business leaders in moving forward.

Successful entrepreneurs usually have this kind of mindset because being a contrarian entrepreneur requires the willingness to wait before striking, the capacity to foresee future possibilities that no one can predict, and a strong sense of delayed gratification.

Contrarian strategy

Scalability is the capacity of changing in ‘scale or size’ rather than focusing on the ‘change’ aspect. Scaling your business improves your efficiency in operating under different business circumstances. 

For a business to be scalable, it requires not only growth, but also the fulfilment of customer needs and wants. Scalability depends on the delivery of excellent customer experiences in cost-effective ways while also meeting the demands of the market without compromising quality and other business functions.

For a business to stand sturdy enough in the market, it needs to have a disruptive ability. Disruptive businesses are those which appeal to the unmet demands which have been overlooked by leading providers and manufacturers in any given industry. These types of businesses provide solutions where others have failed or lack the competence to do so. Hence, disruptive businesses are innovative in creating, refining, optimising or redesigning products and services as well as tapping into new niches and markets.

Being able to improve business processes, advance technologically, and bring new and improved products and services to the market improves efficiency. However, for a business to be competitive and viable in the long-term, it must strive to incorporate these six valuable qualities.

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