How to Attract New Customers Effectively

Posted on: July 8, 2020

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders are wondering what they are missing in their marketing strategies and why these strategies are not effective in attracting new customers. They already have perfect promotional tactics, but it seems they’re not that effective at all.

Attracting new customers is vital to all businesses, and so business leaders should know if they’re using their marketing tactics correctly and communicating with the right people, because no matter how perfect your strategies are, if you’re not dealing with the right market, these strategies will be useless.

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to attract new customers:

1. Failure to follow up

When attracting new customers, follow-ups play a vital role in closing a deal. When you already have a prospect but never follow up, that prospect will most likely disappear, and your marketing efforts, as well as money, will be wasted.

Studies have shown that as much as 80% of leads require a minimum of 8 follow-ups after the initial sales meeting. Despite this, around 44% of salespeople give up after only 1 follow-up or even forget to follow up at all.

Some of the most effective ways to follow up with your potential customers are to refresh their memory about the topics you had talked about, highlight the key benefits that excite them, and never be too pushy in your follow-up.

2. Chasing tyre-kickers (scaredy-cat customers)

A tyre-kicker is someone who shows a strong interest in your products or services, yet does the opposite. These time-wasters can drain a significant amount of your time and business resources.

You may spend a lot of time prospecting, and you don’t want to waste your resources on tyre-kickers, so, it is important to identify and separate these tyre-kickers from your genuine customers.

It is easy to identify non-serious clients through your interactions with them as they generally will not match your target persona, will not have a budget, and will have needs that aren’t urgent.

3. Trying to be a ‘jack of all trades’

Entrepreneurs who try to be good at everything could be seriously hurting their businesses. There’s a lot of truth to the saying ‘jack of all trades; master of none.’ The reason for this is because you lose focus by multitasking, deprive your business of expertise, and can fail to make the most out of your company’s potential.

You may also find yourself scaring off potential allies and business by competing with everyone.

Most entrepreneurs aren’t particularly fond of selling. However, the truth remains, your business won’t survive if you are not good at attracting new customers. A steady stream of new customers will allow you to grow your business and achieve your company’s vision.

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